What Should You Bring For Your Vietnam Trip?

When traveling, you will want to bring all the necessary items to avoid spending money on buying those at the place. When coming to Vietnam, there are certain stuffs that you will need to have and CuChiTunnels.vn will gladly to instruct you.

Bring cash when coming to Vietnam

Most foreign people prefer using credit cards instead of cash, due to its convenient and fast pace. But in some places in Vietnam, such as Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta and other natural destinations, there won’t be an ATM for visitors to use cards. The local people in Vietnam prefer buying and selling kinds of stuff with money, so it’s best if you have some with you when traveling to Vietnam.

Vietnam travel

Bring Vietnamese cash with you

Don’t bring too much or your wallet will be very thick and hard to hold. You should change your money into the amounts of cash with low monetary value, so it will be easier to buy products. You can always withdraw more with your credit cards at the ATM machines on the roads.

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Medicine and medical types of equipment are necessary for Vietnam

You may not be accustomed to the weather in Vietnam. During the tourism season, which is summer, the heat in Vietnam can be very unbearable. For those who have used to the cool and cold weather, you may find it hard to enjoy the sun in the S-shaped country.

Vietnam travel

Bring medicine to protect your health

That is when the medicine and medical types of equipment come in handy. You can always take care of your health whenever you need it. If you have some personal diseases, you should bring some medicines for yourself as well.

Bring technology pieces of equipment to Vietnam

There are certain technology items you can have with you, in case the hotels and homestays in Vietnam don’t have it. They are mobile phones, camera, battery, charger, memory card, iPod mp3 player,  electrical outlet suitable or multinational socket, which is handy when traveling abroad as well as a small hairdryer.

Vietnam travel

A camera will be highly recommended

If you are traveling to the watery sceneries of Vietnam, such as Ha Long Bay or Mekong Delta,  it is best if you have a waterproof bag to keep all of your technologies. You will never know, it may come in handy.

Sunproof clothes are in need in Vietnam

As mentioned above, the weather in Vietnam can get extremely hot. The sun may burn your skin and leave you with annoying sunburnt, sunstroke and something even nastier. It’s best if you have some basic sun-proof clothes and accessories such as sunglasses, a sun coat, hat, sunscreen, and umbrella.

Vietnam travel

Sunglasses and hat are necessary

If you are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, pay attention to the time. Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons which are the sunny one and the rainy one. During the later, you may meet downpours and sudden rains. So a raincoat or umbrella is the one thing you need.

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Vietnam requires some fashion clothes

Traveling is also an opportunity to dress up in beautiful clothes instead of the usual office costumes, so clothes and accessories are also very important. In particular, with appropriate costumes, you can be even more shimmer and amazing when taking pictures.

In Vietnam, due to the heat, you should prepare some clothes such as long pants, if you like to have tanned skin you can bring shorts, skirts, dresses, comfortable t-shirts. Underwear, sleepwear and warm clothes in case traveling in winter or highlands should be taken.

Vietnam travel

Fashionable clothes are highly recommended when traveling to Vietnam

If you travel for a long time, please calculate to bring enough clothes for the whole journey. Clothes should be put in a plastic bag to avoid the smell of the train, but if you use a suitcase, you should fold neatly to avoid wrinkles.

Personal items are required as well

Personal belongings are also one of the indispensable items for any trip. Here are some personal belongings to travel that you should not ignore, which are a toothbrush, hair comb, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, shower gel, mouthwash, towels, cosmetics and makeup remover for women, as well as cream and razor for men.

Vietnam travel

Personal items are necessary for almost every trip

Of course, the hotels and homestays in Vietnam often have everything you need. But if you prefer using your own kinds of stuff, it is best if you carry those with you. You should bring the washing products in the form of small bags though, in order to save space and make your luggage not too heavy.

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We wish you a very good day and hope to see you in Vietnam really soon.