What Do You Feel After Getting Out From The Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels are famous for its 250 km tunnels system with complex structures.

Entering the tunnels at the Cu Chi can be somehow quite challenging because of its narrow size with just small glimmering light running along the tunnels. You will have to bend down your knees or even have to crawl. But do not worry because our local friendly guide will lead the way for you and make sure no one get left behind inside the tunnels.

So if you are Nyctohylophobia and/or Claustrophobia and/or if you have heart condition, you can just stand outside and enjoy the view. The tour to Cu Chi Tunnels is currently rated No.1 on the most favourable activity to do in Ho Chi Minh City, so book now with us via our "Contact Us"

Cu Chi Tunnels Tours & Team