One Of A Kind Shooting Experience In Cu Chi Tunnels

While traveling Cu Chi Tunnels, there is an activity that you really cannot miss, which is the shooting experience. You won’t find such entertainment in anywhere else. Here is some information about the shooting experience in Cu Chi Tunnels that will surely impress you.

A brief introduction of Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

During the history, the Cu Chi Tunnels was a resistance base as well as a solid defensive system deep in the ground of the Vietnamese nation during the Indochina War and Vietnam War. The Cu Chi Tunnels consist of various rooms, clinics, kitchens, warehouses, working rooms and a complicated system of underground tunnels, which are both impressive and amazing.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

Cu Chi Tunnels is an ideal place to recreate the magnanimous history of Vietnam

Nowadays, the Cu Chi Tunnels are not only a special national monument but also a famous tourist attraction, serving about 20 million domestic and foreign visitors each year. Among the amazing activities you can do here, there is one specific service that most customers, both domestic and foreign, enjoy the most. That is the shooting experience!

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What is so special about this activity in Cu Chi Tunnels? Let’s find out and you will be surprised.

The one of a kind shooting experience in Cu Chi Tunnels

The individual shooting experience in Cu Chi Tunnels

To help customers understand more about the Vietnam War in the past, as well as creating an unforgettable activity for them to participate in and be impressed, an amazing shooting range had been built in the area of Cu Chi Tunnels. There are 2 types of shooting games you definitely have to try if you ever have a chance of traveling to Cu Chi Tunnels, which are the shooting experience at the National Defense Sports Shooting Range.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

Many customers enjoy the shooting game in Cu Chi Tunnels

At the range, you can choose the suitable type of gun for you among various types that had been used during the war. After choosing the gun, the staff at Cu Chi Tunnels will specific instructs you how to use it carefully. Finally, after all of those steps, you will have the chance to try your shooting with the wooden targets that shape like animals.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

See how good you are with shooting real guns

The group shooting experience in Cu Chi Tunnels

Besides that shooting experience, there is another shooting game which is the game of paintball shooting, which is both sporty and military at the same time. In addition to the purpose of relaxation, you can participate to increase your judgment, companionship, and strength as well.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

The paintball shooting game is the perfect bonding game to play with your friends

When participating in the paintball shooting game, each competitor will be called “soldier”. Each soldier will be fully equipped with masks, uniforms, armor and weapons which are either AR15 or AK47 guns. Paintball shooting game is a type of entertainment that visitors cannot ignore when coming to Cu Chi Tunnels with high attractiveness. In addition, visitors can also try marksmanship when participating in shooting a military-standard target (fixed target, mobile target, hidden target).

If you are worried about the safety of the games, then don’t! The staffs of the Cu Chi Tunnels area are very well-experience in organizing such games like that. The safety of each participant will be assured as well. Especially, due to its attractiveness and fun, the shooting games of Cu Chi Tunnels have also been chosen to be published in many television programs.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

All the games in Cu Chi Tunnels are fun and completely safe

Learn how to build a gun in the Cu Chi Tunnels

Not only participating in the interesting military shooting games, when visiting Cu Chi Tunnels, visitors also have the chance to participate in the gun making class. Thanks to this activity, you will understand a little more about the brave Vietnamese revolutionary warriors.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

Visitors learning how to build a gun in Cu Chi Tunnels

For those who enjoy shooting a gun but don’t have the chance to try, the games in Cu Chi Tunnels will be the perfect opportunity. There will be a different price for each activity as well, approximately 20.000 VND to 50.000 VND – which is very reasonable and affordable. Maybe that is why recently, more and more visitors are coming to Cu Chi Tunnels to have the chance to hold a gun and try shooting it themselves.

Join a Cu Chi Tunnels tour for an amazing shooting experience

While most customers enjoy traveling to Cu Chi Tunnels and take part in the amazing activity by themselves, it can be quite of a nuisance to actually planning a perfect trip for you and your loved ones. If you are in the middle of making a plan for the next trip to Cu Chi Tunnels, don’t be hesitate to check out this amazing Cu Chi Tunnels travel experience for more guidance.

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Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

Don't miss the chance to visit this absolutely amazing place named Cu Chi Tunnels

But if you are not living in Ho Chi Minh City, planning a trip on your own will be very difficult. Then why don’t you let take charge of it for you? We have tons of interesting and convenient Cu Chi Tunnels tour for you to choose and enjoy. has all kind of travel tour, from V.I.P tour, popular private tour to daily luxury group tour and package tour. Due to your preference, you can choose whichever one that the most suitable for you. We highly recommend you to check out the group tours, because they are very suitable and ideal for a group vacation. You will have so much fun shooting guns and spending time with your friends or family.

Cu Chi Tunnels shooting experience

Let us take care of your trip to Cu Chi Tunnels and you will have the most memorable time

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Don’t be hesitate to come to Cu Chi Tunnels on your next vacation in Vietnam as soon as possible to become the next person experience the interesting shooting games. The memory you have in Cu Chi Tunnels will be absolutely delightful and unique. The Cu Chi Tunnels is ready to have you at any time of the year so quickly come and explore it with us. We wish you a smooth and happy vacation in Vietnam!