My 5 Days Exploring Saigon, Mekong Delta And Cu Chi Tunnels Of Vietnam

I had the most memorable and exciting experience in Southern Vietnam, specifically in Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnels. All of them are the most outstanding destinations of Southern Vietnam. Choosing the 5 days tour from, I have no regret. Let me share my experience with you right here.

Day 1: Arriving at Ho Chi Minh City, begin the 5 days tour

I started the 5-day Southern Vietnam tour at approximately 05:30 PM. Departing by cycle, the professional English-speaking tour guide from took us to go around the bustling and lively city, and then going to Water Puppet Theater – a part of Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage. Honestly, it was a place that I had been dying to set foot on.

The Water Puppet Theater was like a living portrait of Vietnam’s history and culture, which made it even more attractive. We had watched the Vietnamese Water Puppetry which was also the best way to discover the history and traditional cultural life of Vietnamese people. I was introduced that the program had been presented in various international festivals and carried our cultural exchange activities with other countries, and the show didn’t let me down at all. I had had a great time.

5 days Southern Vietnam tour

We discovered Ho Chi Minh City on the first day

Aftershow, we continued to cycle to Bach Dang port to take a look before boarding the cruise. I had took some impressive pictures, mind you. Then the ship left Bach Dang port and from then, I had let myself enjoy an entirely free and relaxing time around Saigon River.

5 days Southern Vietnam tour

Our great time on Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City

After watching the eye-catching sceneries, we had dinner on board while all of us were being stunned by the colorful view of Saigon riverside by night. We also experience Southern Vietnamese fork music or dance with fire by dancer, even sang together at some point. After dinner, I got back to the hotel and had a really good night's rest.

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Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City tour

At around 08:30 AM, we were picked up and departed for the Ho Chi Minh City Full Day Tour. We were taken to visit numerous famous and outstanding landmarks of the lively city, such as the War Remnant Museum – the most popular museum in Ho Chi Minh City. After that was the China town, where we got to see the Binh Tay Market and visited Thien Hau temple. All of the places were very worth visiting.

5 days Southern Vietnam tour

The War Remnant's Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

After lunch, we started visiting the Reunification Palace which was the former residence of the President of South Vietnam until the end of the war in April 1975, The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Central Post Office - French colonial structures. And that was the end of the second day on the 5-day Southern tour.

Day 3: Exploring Mekong Delta, Vietnam

On the 3rd day, we began the Mekong Delta Full Day Tour. We started by going the waterfront to board on the private boat for the day. As the boat pushed off from the bank and cruise toward the charming stilted houses of My Tho City, the tour guide had introduced us to some really helpful information about this famous place of Southern Vietnam. Honestly, after hearing so much about it, I was really excited to explore the place myself, and I was not disappointed.

5 days Southern Vietnam tour

Mekong Delta was a really peaceful and lovely place

In My Tho, I got to snap some other interesting photos of bobbing boats tied up at riverfront houses. I loved to explore one of the Mekong's tributaries, scoping out the sights on the Tien River and Tortoise Island. I also enjoyed taking the Bao Dinh Canal to reach the nearby village of Ben Tre, where I met coconut artisans and checked out the deluged groves where robust trees lay their roots down.

The folk musicians perform dramatic dances to live music was memorable as well, and after that, we head back toward the starting point, made a detour to the sacred grounds at Vinh Trang Pagoda before returning to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Day 4: Vung Tau City beach tour

Now, this was actually my favorite day, because who doesn’t love the beach? At 07:00 AM, we were transferred to the beach city. The bus took 2 and half hours to get into Vung Tau. The beach was so beautiful that I totally forgot all the stress inside me.

The bus drove along the coastal road, and I had seen very spectacular scenes of Vung Tau city, one side was blue sea with a fishing boat and commercial ships in the distance, the other side was the Big and the Small mounts, creating such a lovely and magnificent scene.

5 days Southern Vietnam tour

The statue of Jesus in Vung Tau City

Then we climbed up the Big mount to visit Jesus' status, which was the biggest Jesus status in Vietnam, from Jesus arm we all had a panorama view of Vung Tau City. Then, we went to the “White Palace” and visited the former Bao Dai emperor’s palace when he still has power in Vietnam. It was really an experience I would never forget.

Day 5: Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour

On the final day, we reached Cu Chi Tunnels – a famous historical relic of Vietnam. At 08:00 AM, we were picked up and departed from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi Tunnels, which located 60 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh city. From what I had heard, Cu Chi is now considered a heroic district for its role in the anti - American war in Vietnam. It is legendary for its tunnels system of over 220 kilometers and is a popular spot for both Vietnamese and foreigner.

5 days Southern Vietnam tour

Cu Chi Tunnels has many historical artifacts represent the history of Vietnam

The peacefully rural rice paddy scenery contained ducks and water buffalos swimming in the rivers along the side of the road. Cu Chi Tunnels still had pieces of evidence to prove the fierce battleground that took place there, which impressed me a lot. We also experienced a lot of interesting activities there, such as shooting real guns or watching documentary movies, etc.

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In the afternoon, we got back to Ho Chi Minh City. And the 5-day Southern Vietnam tour ended with me having such great and happy memories.

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