Foreigners Tell Reasons Why You Should Visit Ho Chi Minh City

Have you ever wondered why Saigon always has a magical attraction to tourists, both domestic and foreigners? Perhaps it is because Ho Chi Minh City is always full of life? Here summarizes the reasons why you definitely want to come to Saigon immediately.

Ho Chi Minh City has creative and delicious cuisine

There is a saying: “The fastest way to get to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” If that is true, then you will absolutely fall in love with the delicious cuisine and the lively Ho Chi Minh City. One of the reasons that you should visit Ho Chi Minh City is the diversity, abundance and creativity of this culinary culture. Saigon cuisine has all the elements to satisfy you. From popular street food such as mixed rice paper, pancakes, noodles, pho to luxurious dishes like French and Italian. Saigon also has simple snacks such as tea, duck eggs, quail eggs, snails to high-quality cakes. All kinds of food are available and present in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh travel experience

The delicious street food stall in Ho Chi Minh City

Moreover, according to most foreign tourists, the food in Ho Chi Minh City is very cheap, so just bring a little money and you can reward yourself with a Saigon food tour from morning until afternoon. Don’t forget to buy some specialties of this wonderful land for your loved ones at home too.

Ho Chi Minh City has a lively nightlife

Most foreigners are very interested in the bustling, lively nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City. Some people even said: “I don’t think Saigon people sleep.” That is true to some certain. No matter when you wander in the streets of Saigon, you will always find people who are selling goods, products and others hanging out. From dusk till dawn, the active society in Saigon never seems to die out.

Ho Chi Minh travel experience

One of the famous night streets in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon is always lively when night falls with dozens of cafes, bars or promenades like lakes, parks, etc. Those are always the familiar focal point of the night owls. Don’t be hesitate to roam around Saigon streets at night, you will find it very interesting.

Ho Chi Minh has the most amusement parks in the country

You never seem to be able to count all the amusement parks and parks in Ho Chi Minh City. You can go to tons of them in Ho Chi Minh City without getting tired, from Dai Nam amusement park, Suoi Tien, Dam Sen to Can Gio eco-tourism area and many more. In addition, Saigon also has a lot of commercial centers such as An Dong Plaza, Diamond Plaza, Parkson Saigon, Saigon Square, Zen Plaza, etc where you can buy thousands of lovely accessories for yourself.

Ho Chi Minh travel experience

Ho Chi Minh City has impressive amusement parks

That is why customers never feel a single boring moment in Ho Chi Minh City. It seems like there are so many things to do and the list just goes on and on. Whenever you don’t know what to do, just hit the nearest park and have fun!

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Impressive historical monuments in Ho Chi Minh City 

Saigon is known for its elegant beauty and dynamism. The architecture in Saigon is not as old as in Hanoi, but it is enough for tourists to stop to enjoy. You can visit tons of famous historical relics in Saigon and learn so much more about ancient history as well as the culture of Vietnam.

There are some outstanding places in Ho Chi Minh City you should visit, such as Nha Rong Harbor, the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, the mysterious Independence Palace, the bustling Ben Thanh market or a Cu Chi Tunnels that make the whole world admire…

Ho Chi Minh travel experience

The famous Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon, as well as Vietnam, has a very ancient and impressive development process and most of it had been imprinted on the long-lasting architectures of Ho Chi Minh City. Visiting those astonishing places, you will surely get some unforgettable memories.

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Ho Chi Minh City has bright sunshine all year round

The bright sunlight is a specialty of Saigon, which is why the place is also called “the city without winter”. Sometimes, you will feel the sun in Saigon too bright and hot, burning like summer days even though it is the middle of December. But that is what makes Saigon so special, so different from other cities in Vietnam and in the world. Going to Saigon, you will only see and miss the sun, instead of cold wind breeze or white snow like in other places.

Ho Chi Minh travel experience

Ho Chi Minh City is always covered by a layer of sun

Sometimes the sun is soft and pristine on your shoulders in the early morning, sometimes it dances and plays with long rays on the street, sometimes it is a little bit grumpy and hot, making people uncomfortable and sometimes it is as gentle as the sunset. The lovely sun is the special feature that only Saigon has, and for foreigners who have become accustomed to the cold, this is a very interesting change.

With all the reasons above, I’m sure that you will be happy and excited about a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, or also known as Saigon, Vietnam. is more than honored to introduce you to some amazing and high-quality Saigon tours of ours. Let your dream trip come true with us!

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