Where To Check-In In Mekong Delta? – Top Places For Astonishing Pictures

If you are a travel lover and always interested in taking impressive, astonishing and memorable pictures of the places you have been to, this article will be perfect for you. CuChiTunnels.vn is proud to present to you the most beautiful, scenic and stunning destination in Mekong Delta that you can take hundreds of artistic photos. Planning a trip to Mekong Delta soon? Then let’s check it out!

The fields of fans, Bac Lieu, Mekong Delta

As a province located in the Mekong Delta region, Bac Lieu is a less-visited destination. In fact, many people only- know Bac Lieu mainly because of anecdotes surrounding the home of “The Prince of Bac Lieu”. But in addition, this place also owns the largest field of fans in Vietnam, making anyone think about a trip to Bac Lieu as soon as possible.

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The largest field of fans in Bac Lieu, Vietnam

From Bac Lieu city, follow Cao Van Lau street toward the ocean, in the area of Bien Dong A Hamlet, Vinh Trach Dong commune is a wind power factory. The distance from the city center to the factory is about 20 kilometers, but from a dozen kilometers away, you can already see the turbines with rotor blades rotating like giant vane printed on the sky. For many young and ambitious photographers, this is the perfect destination to take pictures.

Tan Lap floating village, Long An

Tan Lap floating village, also known as Tan Lap cajuput forest, is located in Moc Hoa District, Long An province. This is a very new address on the tourist map, but it is quite attractive to visitors. Coming to Tan Lan floating village, you will find a sense of relaxation when immersing yourself in the green melaleuca forest as well as take off the burdens of life.

Coming to Tan Lap floating village, visitors will have the chance to discover the trail through the 5-kilometer long melaleuca forest as well as admiring the beauty of the blue sky. You can also take a boat trip to visit the beautiful scenery of the swamp, to save the beautiful moment of the fields of lotus, water lilies in bloom. Those are the wonderful plants to take pictures as well.

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A corner of the peaceful Tan Lap floating village

There are two ways to get to Tan Lap floating village. Firstly, from Ho Chi Minh City you follow Highway 1A towards the city of Tan An (Long An) about 40 kilometers, then follow Highway 62 to Moc Hoa district about 62 kilometers to the floating village. Secondly, you can start from the center of Cu Chi town and follow the direction of Ben Luc district (Long An) about 70 kilometers until you meet the fork at the end of the road, turn right for another 35 kilometers to arrive.

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Vam Ho bird sanctuary

Ben Tre province, Mekong Delta is covered with primeval forests and rich vegetation. Vam Ho bird sanctuary has lush green space, which is home to more than millions of birds and has become a famous eco-tourism site of Ben Tre province. Here in Vam Ho bird sanctuary, visitors can see the various types of golden birds. You will feel lost in the bird world when you come here. If once coming to Ben Tre, you should not miss the Vam Ho bird sanctuary.

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The famous Vam Ho bird sanctuary

In addition, you can also visit Tram Chim National Park in Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province. It has been a conservation area since 1994, having the largest wetland area of the Dong Thap Muoi area, recognized as the fourth Ramsar biosphere reserve in Vietnam and the 2.000th in the world. Tram Chim National Park has more than 232 species of birds with many rare and precious species, especially the red-headed crane, which is on the world red list of endangered species.

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Tram Chim National Park - somewhere you cannot miss

Xeo Quyt ecological area, Dong Thap

Another famous photography spot of Dong Thap province, Mekong Delta is the Xeo Quyt eco-zone. Located about 30 kilometers from the center of Cao Lanh city, in the areas of My Long and My Hiep communes, the historical area combining ecological area Xeo Quyt will give visitors a feeling of being lost in the primeval forest with stunning scenery.

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The enormous shade of green in the Xeo Quyt ecological area

With an area of about 50 hectares, including 20 hectares of melaleuca forest, the rest is a system of mangrove trees and vines, Xeo Quyt has a beautiful natural landscape with a cool green color. If you like to wander under the forest canopy, you can walk the unique path in the ruins, about 1.5 kilometers long. If not, you can experience the feeling of the Western river, by sitting on a three-leaf boat, slowly weaving along the small creeks. Either way, you'll get the best photos.

Ca Mau Cape

The Ca Mau cape is located in Mui village, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, more than 100 kilometers from Ca Mau city. This is a land protruding towards the East Sea in the South pole of the Country and has extremely sacred significance to Vietnamese people. Not too beautiful, not too captivating but Ca Mau cape still fascinates visitors by the simplicity and peaceful vibe. And the place also marks an important milestone for Vietnam, this is the land at the end of the country.

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Ca Mau cape - a perfect place to take astonishing pictures

Dong Tam snake farm, Tien Giang, Mekong Delta

Dong Tam snake farm, also known as the pharmaceutical factory of Military Region 9, is located on the banks of Tien River, with an area of about 30 hectares with green and airy space. This is one of the largest snake farms in Vietnam with more than 400 species and is considered as the first snake museum in Vietnam, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, learn and research.

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Foreign visitors watching snakes in Dong Tam snake farm, Tien Giang

In Dong Tam snake farm you can see every kind of snake, from the non-poisonous ones to the extremely poisonous ones. Snakes here are freely stocked, including 3 areas suitable to the nature of each species, which are a lake-style farming area, a venomous snake breeding area and a python breeding area. Why don’t you try taking pictures with the snakes as well? It will be such a memorable experience.

Coming to Mekong Delta, don’t be hesitate to give these astonishing and unique destinations a chance. Contact CuChiTunnels.vn if you want to join a high-quality and unforgettable Mekong Delta tour, we are more than honored to serve you.