War Remnants Museum Is The Most Typical Historical Relic In Saigon

Among the important historical relics that opens for visitors in Ho Chi Minh City, the War Remnants Museum by far is the most famous and significant ones. Take a look at it and you will be curious.

Ho Chi Minh City, a famous tourism city in the Southern area of Vietnam, has always been famous for various forms of entertainment. One of those is the heroic and valuable historical relics, where there are proofs and documents about the wars in Vietnam. Those places help the young generations in Vietnam as well as foreigners to have a closer, better look at the heroic past in Vietnam.

To record the heroic pieces of evidence of the Vietnamese people in their struggle against the invading forces, and to denounce the crimes and highlight the devastating consequences of the invasion war, on September 4th, 1975, the American - Wei Crime Gallery was opened to the public. Subsequently, it was renamed the War Crime Gallery on November 10th, 1990 before becoming the War Remnants Museum on July 4th, 1995.

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The front of the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

During the Nguyen Dynasty, the location of the War Remnants Museum was the building of Khai Tuong Pagoda. By the time the French invaded Vietnam, the temple was completely demolished by the French government to replace it as a mansion. In the later period, this place became a gynecological hospital, a lawyer's office, etc. It is so interesting how the place had been so many other things before.

The museum consists of 3 floors, each floor has its own theme and artifacts. So visitors always feel very excited and interesting when visiting here.

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Each floor and section shows a different item of the old wars

On the first floor of the museum is the ticket office, multipurpose room and the world room for countries supported Vietnam during resistance. One of the outstanding stops on the first floor is the "Tiger Cages" - a type of detention in Con Dao prison. The tiger cages are considered the most terrible torture place of the US army for patriotic prisoners.

Here, patriotic revolutionary communists were confined in cells of only about 5 square meters, without beds or large windows. All they had to endure was the darkness, the damp, stuffy atmosphere that made ordinary people feel crazy, just like the other people were shackled together. Not only that but "Tiger cages" is also a place where torture scenes are extremely painful, to destroy the will and power of patriotic people.

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Various items of the wars in Vietnam

The first floor is also a place to display large artifacts such as aircraft, tanks or artillery pieces of soldiers or American soldiers in the war days. Young people coming here are also very excited to see the war types of equipment with their own eyes.

The ground floor of the museum is a world of images, historical landmarks showing a whole time of bloody history. With many fascinating topics such as The World with the Vietnam War or The Story of the Victims of Agent Orange has made so many people angry or heartbroken.

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Inside and outside, the Museum is full of wonderful artifacts

The museum currently holds more than 20.000 documents and artifacts. Every year, millions of visitors come here to visit, find about a historical period of the nation, to relive the hard but proud old days of the country.

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