Experience Cu Chi Tunnels 12 Feb 2019

At first I thought this was going to be a waste of time. I was so wrong. This is a location every American should visit. To experience a country’s will to survive and peoples love of country everywhere. This is what we would hope for ourselves. People willing to sacrifice everything for their country and for what they believe. Do whatever it takes to survive as well. I even went down into the tunnels . Which was claustrophobic but an experience I will remember for a long long time.

Cu Chi Tunnels is area of forest where locals Vietnam's resistance soldier hides to anti American and Republic of Vietnam Troops. Cu Chi Tunnels has complex system tunnels under ground 3-10m and total length about 250km. Let's explore Cu Chi Tunnels with Cu Chi Tunnels Tours.

Secret Entrance at Cu Chi Tunnels

Secret Entrance at Cu Chi Tunnels

The Gates of Tunnels which heading to complex system tunnels under ground. It has a door over and be covered by plenty of leafs of trees in the forest. Only resistance soldier find out with special signs.

Secret Entrance at Cu Chi Tunnels

Inside the tunnels, quite wide due to it is made for tourists has a experience trip on nowdays. However, it is less small in original and only resistance soldier with small body can be throught it, If a american soldier had been found out it, He wouldn't have gone to. There are plenty of tunnels section very closed and only crawling to throught. 

Secret Entrance at Cu Chi Tunnels

The room inside the tunnels, quite large and has plenty of another tunnels conneting. This is place has activeties of resistant soldier for example: meeting, rested, hide...

Secret Entrance at Cu Chi Tunnels

Stove inside tunnels, it is very special was created by Hoang Cam(name of a soldier) and be called is Hoang Cam stove to avoided attentions of American and Republic of Vietnam. With the normal stove will created smokes in place it in when it is used, but with Hoang Cam stove isn't. Hoang Cam stove has system smallest tunnels connecting, so smoke of Hoang Cam stove will be transfer to another place and go into the air. So, Enemy can not find out resistant soldier even though see the smoke.

cu chi tunnels

A meeting of resistant soldier to inform each other about war circumstance, received directive from "National Fronts Liberate The South" and to plan for activities of resistant.

cu chi tunnels

The System of Cu Chi Tunnels can be contains Weapons, Foods, Medicine, etc...

What could you see? and what do you think of? A termite nest in the forest? Actually, it is a ventilation holes connects to Tunnels. There are a lots of ones over ground like that in the forest to exchange oxy between system tunnels and the air.

This is B52 Bombcrater, it was created by Bomb B52. Surely, American and Republic of Vietnam Troops found out Resistance soldier in the forest and Attacked by Airstricker. There are a lots of bombcrater in Here.

Bomb B52 be used to destroys forest.

The traps, there are many traps over ground in the forest. Unfortunately, if American or Republic Vietnam Soldier inside the trap, he would has injured or died. Therefore, risistance Soldier can be safe.

Risistance Soldier be called guerilla. In the picture, Guerilla was resting after a time hard working. They are main factor create out the win in the wars. However, many of them were die when face to face with American or Republic Vietnam Soldier.

Cassava - the main food of risistance soldier due to convenience to used and growth fast to planting. It is planted in the forest.

This is shooting Range of Cu Chi Tunnels. Can be shoot with instructor, need buy some bullets.

This is some places to help you have a experience about living of resistance Soldier in the forest.

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