Transfer By Limousine To Cu Chi Tunnels In A Day From Ho Chi Minh City is honored to introduce you the luxurious full day experience to Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The tour is accompanied by the hi-end limousine car that will surely bring you the best memory you could ever have in your life.

Cu Chi Limousine full day tour overview

This is a phenomenal Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour, starting from Ho Chi Minh City, with the most convenient and luxurious services. With, customers will have the great opportunity to experience in crawling into Cu Chi Tunnels – a famous and impressive historical relic of Southern Vietnam.

Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour

Cu Chi Tunnels has always been a famous tourist destination

During exploring Cu Chi Tunnels with, customers can visit the Gun shooting area with some interesting shooting activities,  or watch the documentary video at the Movie theatre room. You can also attend some other wonderful activities such as discovering Huge bomb craters, underground kitchen, and Museum of self-made weapons. At the end of the full day adventure in Cu Chi Tunnels, don’t forget to visit the Garment-factory ammunition and souvenir shops as well.

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The full day Cu Chi Tunnels tour shall take you to see Hoang Cam Stove, where the food supply for the entire tunnel system during the wartime. This stove is located in a different area of Cu Chi Tunnels, so it is not common for Cu Chi tours to take visitors here.

Last but not least, each and every customer of this amazing full day Cu Chi Tunnels VIP tour from Ho Chi Minh City will be picked up and dropped off during the entire trip by the luxurious and modern limousine.

Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour

Customers of the tour are transferred by a limousine has succeeded in serving thousands of curious customers from all over the world. On September 17th, 2019, a guest named Paul had shared: “We took a tour from our hostel. We were picked up and had a tour guide explain a bit about the tunnels to us on the bus before we arrived. They are situated about 40 kilometers outside Ho Chi Minh. It's an underground tunnel complex near the Saigon river where Vietnamese soldiers hid from US bombs and attacks. The Vietnamese were pretty small so the tunnels are pretty claustrophobic and some are quite long. You can go inside several and see some of the cunning inventions of the Vietnamese soldiers. Lots of booby trap demos! There's also a shooting range where you pay (quite a lot: about $15) to fire live rounds at targets from a variety of weapons. Fascinating visit!”

Your full day adventure in Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh City

The luxurious full day Cu Chi Tunnels tour is more than ready to give you one of the most memorable days of your life. Join and step in the shoes of a Viet Cong fighter, as you climb through an impressive 155-mile (250-kilometers) long tunnel network, and visit a typical gun shooting area.

Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour

Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels will bring you the most memorable day of your life

To start the journey, you and the crew shall enjoy a convenient hotel pickup at approximately 07:45 - 8:00 AM from your guide as you depart for Cu Chi for the Cu Chi Tunnels VIP Tour From Ho Chi Minh with Transfer by Limousine. Along the way, don’t miss the chance to watch as the frantic city scenery transitions to a more peaceful, rural setting. You can also bring a camera to capture the Vietnamese sceneries when passing rice paddy farms, quaint roadside vendors, and increasingly lush greenery.

Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour

The customers of having a great time

Once you arrive, you shall begin with a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels, some of the most famous underground networks of pathways, hideouts, sleeping quarters, meeting rooms, hospitals, and Hoang Cam Stove. These narrow tunnels provide barely enough space for a single person to crawl their way through, though some are now wider to accommodate visitors. Also you learn that the mere 10–13 feet (3–4 meters) thick level of upper soil can support the bearing weight of a 55 ton (50 mT) tank and the explosive damage of bombs.

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Following, you watch an insightful film about the wartime experience before further exploring the tunnel's trap doors and underground quarters. Then make a visit to huge bomb craters left from the war, the Garment-factory Ammunition and Souvenir Shops, and the Museum of Self-made Weapons. Get the exhilarating opportunity to fire an M-15, AK-47, and a carbine rifle at the National Defense Sports Shooting Range for a true wartime experience.

Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour

You can learn so much more about Vietnamese history in Cu Chi Tunnels

Finally, before leaving, you savor the Vietnamese traditional Local Lunch, and a local tapioca recipe before the comfortable ride back to your Ho Chi Minh hotel at 02:30 – 03:00 PM. That is the end of the Cu Chi Tunnels VIP Tour From Ho Chi Minh with Transfer by Limousine.

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Excited for a trip to Cu Chi Tunnels? This is the perfect Cu Chi Tunnels tour for those who have limited time but still want to have a memorable and impressive adventure with their loved ones. Don’t be hesitate to join for a phenomenal full day trip in the famous historical relic of Vietnam.

Cu Chi Tunnels full day tour

Don't miss the best chance to explore Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is ready to have you at any time of the year! And is more than honored to serve you the most amazing day of your life. Don’t miss this awesome chance to explore with us.