Spend An Afternoon Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels For More Amazing Knowledge

Within just an afternoon, how can you explore Cu Chi Tunnels to the fullest and gain lots of amazing memories? Take a look at this wonderful half-day tour from CuChiTunnels.vn and you will know how. And you won’t be disappointed.

How can you explore Cu Chi Tunnels – the most massive, impressive and famous historical monument of Vietnam within a short afternoon? Some may think it is impossible, but with the help of CuChiTunnels.vn, it is absolutely possible! And you won’t have a rush vacation, you will have a great, wonderful and memorable trip and you can learn so much about Vietnamese history and wars.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour
The customers of CuChiTunnels.vn on their afternoon trip

First, you shall enjoy a convenient hotel pickup at 01:30 PM from your guide as you depart for Cu Chi for the V.I.P Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day Group Tour. Along the way, don’t miss the chance to watch as the frantic city scenery transitions to a more peaceful, rural setting. Witness passing rice paddy farms, quaint roadside vendors, and increasingly lush greenery.

Once you arrive, you and the crew can begin with a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels, some of the most famous underground networks of pathways, hideouts, sleeping quarters, meeting rooms, hospitals, and Hoang Cam Stove. These narrow tunnels provide barely enough space for a single person to crawl their way through, though some are now wider to accommodate visitors. Also, learn that the mere 10 – 13 feet (3 – 4 meters) thick level of upper soil can support the bearing weight of a 55 ton (50 mT) tank and the explosive damage of bombs.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour

Exploring the tunnels of Cu Chi

Following, you shall watch an insightful film about the wartime experience before further exploring the tunnel's trap doors and underground quarters. Then make a visit to huge bomb craters left from the war, the Garment-factory Ammunition and Souvenir Shops, and the Museum of Self-made Weapons. Get the exhilarating opportunity to fire an M-15, AK-47, and a carbine rifle at the National Defense Sports Shooting Range for a true wartime experience.

Finally, you can savor the Vietnamese traditional soup, Pho, and a local tapioca recipe before the comfortable ride back to your Ho Chi Minh hotel at approximately 06:30 PM. You won’t find a better afternoon trip than that.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour

Having a great time in Cu Chi Tunnels

All in all, you can have so many wonderful memories of the trip from CuChiTunnels.vn. Not only get to experience crawling into Cu Chi Tunnels as well as visit the gun shooting area, but you can also get to watch documentary videos at the Movie Theatre Room. Don’t forget of visiting the huge bomb craters, underground kitchen, and the museum of self-made weapons and the garment-factory and the ammunition and souvenir shops.

Consider this V.I.P Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day Afternoon Group Tour as a chance to escape the bustle of the city to explore the rural scenery and the famous Cu Chi Tunnels in Southern Vietnam. Step in the shoes of a Viet Cong fighter, as you climb through an impressive 155-mile (250 kilometers) long tunnel network, and visit a typical gun shooting area.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour

Adventuring and forgetting about the stress and tiredness from daily life

What else is so wonderful about this afternoon tour to Cu Chi Tunnels? You will have the chance to experience some amazing conveniences, such as a high-quality air-con van limousine VIP which will pick you up and drop you off at the hotel.

The tour’s fee also consists of meals as mentioned in the itineraries with delicious Vietnamese food; as well as including all entrance fees. Don’t forget the VIP services such as  Vietnamese beer, fresh fruit, cold towel, cake and mineral water served in the van.

Your trip to Cu Chi Tunnels will also be accompanied by a professional English-speaking guide and some mineral water bottles for each customer.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour
You will have everything you need for a smooth trip

When deciding to join a high-quality tour to Cu Chi Tunnels, make sure that you have everything you need for the greatest trip of your life. Do remember to bring certain items for your trip, such as sports shoes or trekking shoes or comfortable shoes with good grip, some personal medication if you have health problems, a sunscreen to avoid being burnt by the sun.

For safe measure, you can also pack a raincoat or poncho in monsoons, because in Ho Chi Minh City, and a camera if you want to capture the wonderful moments in Vietnam. This is an item that we highly suggested you should have.

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CuChiTunnels.vn is more than ready to have you in Vietnam and to take you exploring the amazing Cu Chi Tunnels of Vietnam. Contact us right now, and you will soon have one of the most memorable memories of your life. We wish you a happy day and hope to see you in Vietnam in the near future.