Speed-boating On An Afternoon In The Famous Cu Chi Tunnels

What can be a better way to spend a free afternoon in Ho Chi Minh City? Let's travel from this lively and bustling city to the most peaceful and famous historical relic of Vietnam, Cu Chi Tunnels. This amazing half-day tour with a speedboat from CuChiTunnels.vn shall give you a memorable experience in Cu Chi Tunnels.

Speed-boating from Ho Chi Minh City To Cu Chi Tunnels

The half-day tour in the afternoon exploring Cu Chi Tunnels shall give you the most wonderful and memorable experience you can ever ask for. You will begin by being picked up from the hotel by your professional English-speaking tour guide, then depart to Cu Chi for the Cu Chi Tunnels Afternoon Group Tour With Speedboat.

You will be transferred to Tan Cang pier by a comfortable minivan, then depart to the Cu Chi tunnels by a luxury speedboat. When you are on board, you can enjoy a light meal of The Pat' a Chou cake with Lavie water and seasonal fruits, as well as enjoying the fresh air and understand the daily life of local citizens living along the river banks. You might want to bring your camera to capture the peaceful sceneries along the banks, but be careful not to drop it into the water!

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with speedboat

The speedboat shall take you to Cu Chi Tunnels on the magnificent river

Once you arrived at the Cu Chi Tunnels, you shall explore your excursion by watching a documentary film about one of the most sophisticated man-made tunnels together with its extraordinary wartime legends. You can also walk in the jungle and visiting the traps, the secret entrances, the bunkers, and underground hideouts, therefore understand a lot more about the heroic battles of the ancient Vietnamese against the enemies.

Then, you will have the most interesting experience ever when shooting real guns at the riffle range of Cu Chi Tunnels. Don’t forget to see the rice-paper (spring roll skin) and rice-wine production line, those will be the perfect scenes to take pictures.

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with speedboat

Customers of CuChiTunnels.vn having a great time exploring the monument

The most wonderful part of the Cu Chi Tunnels half-day journey is to crawl into the tunnels and enjoy the special and fantastic feeling of the impressive underground architecture.

Then, you take a rest to drink green tea and having tapioca - the main food served during wartime. You shall finish the Cu Chi Tunnels tour and head to Tan Cang resort for the meal. At 06:00 PM, you return to Ho Chi Minh City and rest after having such an exciting afternoon.

Why should you choose the Cu Chi Tunnels half-day speedboat tour?

The Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with a speedboat not only consists of a high-quality speedboat to Cu Chi Tunnels to give you the opportunity to watch the astonishing sceneries along the river banks but also give you the chance to experience in crawling into Cu Chi Tunnels. The tour even gives you time to explore the attractive areas of Cu Chi Tunnels such as visiting the gun shooting area, watching the documentary videos at the movie theatre room, and many more.

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with speedboat

The Hoang Cam Stove in Cu Chi Tunnels

Visitors often love to visit the huge bomb craters, underground kitchen, and the museum of self-made weapons, as well as the garment-factory ammunition and souvenir shops. You can also see Hoang Cam Stove, where the food supply for the entire tunnel system.

This half-day tour to Cu Chi Tunnels is the perfect chance for you to escape the bustle of the city to explore the rural scenery and the famous Cu Chi Tunnels in Southern Vietnam. Step in the shoes of a Viet Cong fighter, as you climb through an impressive 155-mile (approximately 250 kilometers) long tunnel network, and visit a typical gun shooting area, you will gain such memorable memories that can hardly be found in anywhere else in the world.

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with speedboat

Experience crawling in the underground system of Cu Chi Tunnels

What should you bring to this half-day Cu Chi Tunnels speedboat tour?

In spite of only joining the tour for an afternoon, there are still some certain things that are very necessary to bring on this memorable Cu Chi Tunnels trip of yours.

Because you will have to walk, and sometimes crawl and climb, a lot in the Cu Chi Tunnels area or in the underground system, you should prepare comfortable clothes and a pair of shoes. You can also bring a hat to avoid the sunray, even a pair of sunglasses for good measure. Trekking shoes is highly recommended on this trip.

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with speedboat

Bring comfortable clothes and hat on the trip

You can also prepare some personal medication if you have any health problems. Don’t worry about the heat, because CuChiTunnels.vn will have cool-towers and water bottles to cool you down at any time you need.

Don’t forget your camera, because trust me, you won’t want to miss such astonishing and eye-catching sceneries in Cu Chi Tunnels. If you don’t have a camera, a simple mobile phone will do the trick, but you should have a waterproof phone bag just in case your phone is dropped into the water. Just in case!

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour with speedboat

Remember to have a camera to take pictures of such interesting historical artifacts

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