Private Mekong Delta Full Day Tour Review

For those who are looking for a full day tour in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, here is a review of the tour from for you to check out. I hope my experience in Mekong Delta will help you choose a suitable travel tour.

Why did I choose Mekong Delta to travel?

I had always been excited to explore Southern Vietnam because I heard that the people there are extremely friendly, the sceneries are to die for and the culture is so unique. I had a 2-week stay in Vietnam and I planned to explore as many places as possible. Mekong Delta is one of the most famous places to visit, so I planned to spend a day exploring it.

Mekong Delta full day tour

From what I heard, Mekong Delta has always been a famous tourist destination

From what I heard, the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, also known as the Southwestern region, is formed by alluvial deposits and accretion through the era of sea-level change. Over time, this process leads to the formation of sand dunes along the coast. The Mekong Delta impresses tourists with the immense scenery of rivers, vast coconut palms along the banks of the river, the stork fields flying straight, bumpy monkey bridges, and so many more.

I choose the full day Mekong Delta tour from after so many researches. I found the tour quite exciting and affordable as well. I contacted them, and I must say the process was very convenient and quick. Their staff had been a delight for me, she advised me as well as helped me with the booking with an enthusiastic attitude so I was very satisfied. Due to traveling alone, I had to take the Mekong Delta tour with some other people, but I didn’t mind because they were very nice and friendly.

Mekong Delta full day tour

I chose the Mekong Delta tour from after researching carefully

The English-speaking tour guide of the Mekong Delta full day tour from was pretty funny and hospitable. He had explained to us everything about the Mekong Delta as well as the culture and landscapes we saw along the way. His dedicated services really helped me get a more wonderful and memorable experience in the Southern Vietnam.

What did I bring to the Mekong Delta full-day tour?

I was told that I would travel by boat, and the terrain of the water in the Mekong Delta was also very muddy, so I dressed in dynamic and neat clothes. I wore T-shirts, jeans, sneakers to move as convenient as possible.

I thought it would be necessary to prepare insect repellent and sunscreen and some medical supplies such as colds medicine, bandages, hydrogen peroxide,... so I brought them all. Although a bit heavy, it was really necessary.

Mekong Delta full day tour

Wear suitable clothes and bring necessary items for the Mekong Delta trip

In addition, I also have a wide-brimmed hat and glasses to easily explore all corners of the garden. Besides, I also bring a camera and phone to easily record beautiful moments in this place.

My day in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

When I started book the Mekong Delta full-day tour, I was informed that I would have the chance to discover the vibrant tropical fruits, gardens, riverside locals, and boat ports as you cruise down the canals of the Mekong Delta. I would also get on a wooden boat to watch the passing homes on stilts, boat making workshops, and vendors along this scenic riverside cruise. The attractive introduction made me really excited.

Mekong Delta full day tour

I was quite excited to explore Mekong Delta, Vietnam

When the day came, I began my trip with being picked up by the staff of at approximately 08:30 AM, and then I was taken to a city called My Tho City to start the Mekong Delta Full Day Private Tour. On the way, I got to watch the bustling city views transition to serene rice fields and rural settings. The exciting change really succeeds to hype me up.

On the way, we stopped to visit Vinh Trang Pagoda. We took a peaceful boat trip along the Tien River to Qui, also known as Tortoise Islet. The tour guide said that this islet was also known by many other names. The charming beauty of the pagoda really got to me and I was really happy to visit the place.

Mekong Delta full day tour

The poetic beauty of Vinh Trang Pagoda, Vietnam

After that, we entered the Bao Dinh Canal to head into Ben Tre Province, or also known as the country of coconuts. We had an exciting lesson about the local agricultural model known as Garden-Pond-Cage, as well as tasted some local treats like coconut candy and honey tea. The comforting flavor really helped me to reduce my stress while sitting back and relax on the wooden riverboat in the comfort of the shaded canals covered by water coconut trees.

Mekong Delta full day tour

Ben Tre province - the country of coconut

After the lunch with the region’s traditional flavors, we boarded the boat for an afternoon cruise to visit the marvelous tropical fruit gardens and to enjoy a Southern Vietnamese folk music performance by local islanders. The experience helped us to learn more about Vietnamese culture and customs, and we got to have a lot of happy memories. When the tour ended at 05:30 PM, I was satisfying, content and glad for choosing the tour.

If anyone asks me how did the Mekong Delta full day tour go, I will say it was very pleasant. The services are great, the landscapes are beautiful, the people are nice and the weather is wonderful as well. I will highly recommend you to choose this Mekong Delta tour if you are looking for a convenient and high-quality tour to explore this amazing area of Southern Vietnam.

Mekong Delta full day tour

I was really happy with my experience in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Book the Mekong Delta full day tour right now

By the end of the year, the landscapes in Mekong Delta will be much more pleasant and magnificent. So don’t be hesitate to become the next lucky guest of this miraculous land. I hope my amazing experience will help you decide easier and quicker. And I certainly hope that you will have an unforgettable time in Vietnam like me as well.