Half-Day Cycling Experience In Cu Chi Tunnels – Hard To Miss

While there are tons of interesting way to travel in Cu Chi Tunnels, cycling is the most exciting and attractive ones. The large area of Cu Chi Tunnels provides you a wonderful space to ride a bike and explore nature as you wish. This half-day cycling tour in Cu Chi Tunnels will be absolutely delightful for you.

Why should you cycle to Cu Chi Tunnels?

Located about 70 kilometers from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi Tunnels is not only a famous military construction of Vietnam and the world, a national-level historical monument but also an attractive destination for adventurous travelers.

Cu Chi Tunnels is a unique architecture with a proud and glorious past. The tunnels were built by Revolutionary soldiers during the anti-American resistance war, and the Cu Chi Tunnels were part of an underground tunnel system throughout the country. In recent years, the tunnels of Cu Chi have been attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Instead of fancy and luxurious travel tours to the breathtaking beaches or majestic mountains, a day of exploring a historic monument is a new and wonderful experience.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

More and more visitors are coming to explore Cu Chi Tunnels

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So why should you cycle to Cu Chi Tunnels? First of all, Cu Chi Tunnels is located in a quiet and calm area of Ho Chi Minh City, consists of much amazing beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. The roads lead from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi Tunnels are also beautiful, magnificent and worth visiting. By cycling, you will have a more realistic and convenient chance to witness the soothing beauty of the place. You can stop anywhere you want to take a picture or witness the sceneries.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

Cycling helps you explore everything you want more convenient

Not only that, but cycling also can improve both your mental and physical health greatly. You will have the chance to exercise and stretch your muscles, all the while inhaling the refreshing air of the Vietnamese countryside. If you are being stressed out. this is a wonderful opportunity to relax and get rid of the tiredness.

The cycling tour to Cu Chi Tunnels from CuChiTunnels.vn is extremely safe, well-organized and professional. Choosing us, you shall have one of the best time of your life without worrying anything. The tour only lasts for half a day, so if you are a busy person and don’t have much time, this is an ideal travel tour too.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

This half-day cycling tour is perfect for those who have limited time

Your cycling day in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

Once choosing the historic Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour, you will have the chance to get a first look at Vietnamese history. By joining us, you have the chance to bike through the charming villages of the countryside, as well as learn how rice paper is made, and dive deep into the earth as you experience the bravery of the Vietnamese during the war.

To start the journey, you head out of Ho Chi Minh City toward Tan Phu Trung Village. On the way, you will bike through villages where the scars of war are still evident and paved roads and dirt paths, past bomb craters that bear witness to years of struggle, which give you a clearer look of the Vietnamese war during the history.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

Customers cycling through the beautiful fields in the countryside of Vietnam

On the way, you will also see rubber plantations and observe the locals harvesters as they gather latex from the trees. In the afternoon you shall visit rice paper-making workshop before arriving at the Cu Chi tunnels for the 15-minute documentary film about their creation. The interesting activity provides you the chance to learn the history of conflict amongst the Cu Chi people and their rivals.

Then, you shall continue on toward the tunnel site where simple weapons for fighting are displayed here. Are you excited to explore the complicated underground tunnels? You will head down real tunnels dug by the Viet Cong and experience just how brave the Vietnamese were during the war. The English-speaking tour guide of the trip will lead you through everything, explain to you every information you want and help you along the way, so the trip is absolutely safe. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

Exploring the exciting underground tunnels

Your cycling tour in Cu Chi Tunnels ends with tasting some authentic Viet Cong food (the tapioca) in a historical kitchen. Those are the food that was cooked and eaten during the war, which is very unique and unlike anything, you have ever seen before. The amazing dishes there, simple but delicious, shall leave a deep impression on you.

What will you have with the half-day Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour?

Once become a customer of the amazing Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour, you will be provided with convenient services as well as high-quality kinds of equipment. You will have the best time traveling in Cu Chi Tunnels with us.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

Customers will be provided with everything they need for a wonderful adventure

Besides being picked up by the luxurious air-con car, each traveler will be provided with a bike and a helmet to cycle in half a day. The price of the cycling tour in Cu Chi Tunnels also includes all entrance fees as well as delicious meals throughout the journey.

During the entire time exploring Cu Chi Tunnels, you will be accompanied by the well-experienced English-speaking guide, who will help and serve you with everything you need to have a smooth and satisfying trip to Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam.

Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour

The crew of CuChiTunnels.vn having a great time in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

Book the half-day Cu Chi Tunnels cycling tour right away

Excited for a trip to Cu Chi Tunnels? Wanting to have a relaxing day biking and enjoying the beautiful countryside as well as the amazing historical monument of Vietnam? Don’t be hesitate to join us for a phenomenal cycling tour to Cu Chi Tunnels right away.

Cu Chi Tunnels is ready to have you at any time of the year! We wish you a wonderful and memorable vacation in Vietnam and especially in Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City!