Great Fun Day With Cu Chi Tunnels Tour On 31.08.2018

We spent an extremely interesting and impressive morning at the Cu Chi Tunnels with our kind guide, Typhoon Honey, whose unlimited energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of Vietnamese history enabled us to learn a lot about the Cu Chi tunnels and the way of life during the war. Typhoon Honey was also happy to answer any questions that would arise during the tour.

Great Fun Day With Cu Chi Tunnels Cycling Tour

Cu Chi Cycling Tour

Bycle on Car For Cu Chi  Cycling Tour.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Welcome Cu Chi Tunnels 

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Cu Chi Tunnels village 

Cu Chi Tunnels Tours

Boom Boom in Cu Chi Tunnels 

Cu Chi Tours

Speaking History of Cu Chi Tunnels 

Underground Cu Chi Tunnels

Underground Cu Chi Tunnels 

Relax On Time Cu Chi Tunnels

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