Cu Chi Tunnels - A Magnificent Historical Monument

Saigon is known as the most crowded and uproarious city in the country. But besides that, remember that Saigon still carries with it an extremely magnificent history for itself. Let Vietnam Travel Group bring you to Cu Chi Tunnels where you could know and understand the resounding magnanimity of Vietnamese history.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is a famous revolutionary historical monument, located in Phu My Hung commune, Cu Chi district, 70km away from Saigon to the North-West. There are many places that you can visit in Cu Chi Tunnels like Ben Duoc Memorial Memorial Temple, the battleground, or the recreated area of ​​Cu Chi liberation.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are one of the most unique revolutionary bases that Vietnamese history has ever known. This tunnel system was created from the most rudimentary materials and bare hands of Cu Chi soldiers & compatriots during the revolution period (1946 - 1948). There are continuous works within tunnels: trenches, yoke, fighting ground, caves for eating, sleeping, meeting, living, military, Hoang Cam kitchens ...

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Cu Chi Tunnels have gone to the glorious history of Vietnam as a legend of the 20th century and developed into one of the most famous places to visit in the world.

The tunnel is not very deep, but it is resistant to artillery, the weight of tanks and steeled vehicles, the deep sections can resist minor bombs. In tunnels, there are blocking points to prevent the enemy or chemical toxins from them. There are narrow passages that must be very compact to get through. There are narrow ways that you must be very small and thin to get through.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Strolling around Cu Chi Tunnels, tourists can have a worthwhile experience. With the fresh and clear air, not noisy like the city of Saigon, Cu Chi Tunnels gives everyone here a relaxed feeling.

If you are interested in visit the historical place of Cu Chi Tunnels, you can choose the Half-Day Adventure Tour or 1 Day Cu Chi Tunnels Tour that is provided by Vietnam Travel Group. Do you want to experience one of the most famous historical places in history?