Cruise Your Way Through The Miraculous Sunset Of Saigon

What can be more romantic than cruising your way through the miraculous sunset of Ho Chi Minh City – also known as one of the most bustling and lively cities of Southern Vietnam? is thrilled to give you this astonishing full-day tour discovering the mystery and dreamy beauty of Saigon, Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City – A perfect place to watch the sunset

Dawn and sunset are the two best moments of the day. The hot weather of Ho Chi Minh City seems to soften when the sky shaded by the afternoon sunset. Despite the hot weather or rain, the flow of people in every corner of Ho Chi Minh City is vibrant and so is the city itself, impulsing and following the activities of millions of people. In the midst of the bustling flow of life, nature has bestowed on Ho Chi Minh City a pleasant afternoon, which is when the sunset falls on the hearts of people who are burning with the heat, the climbing light soothes the suffocating from head to toe.

Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour

The sunset in Ho Chi Minh City has such a lovely beauty

Ho Chi Minh City, or also known as Saigon, is more dynamic than any other city in Vietnam. Despite living in a large, hustle and busy city, people here still know how to relax, as simple as a cup of iced coffee or cocktail. In District 1, skyscrapers rise next to the museums of the French colonial period, and the streets are full of motorcycles up and down. Everything about Ho Chi Minh City represents a lively and active environment with seemingly no moment of resting.

From fine restaurants to fast-food restaurants and humble food stalls at Ben Thanh Market, all give visitors a myriad of interesting meal options, like the nightlife itself. When the sun goes down, the lights come on, Ho Chi Minh City can meet any of your needs, from budget pubs to sophisticated bars or lively clubs. Life is so bustling and varied that many visitors here can only recline on the bed when the sun is coming up. Not every place in Vietnam you have the opportunity to spend the night like that, so make the most of your opportunities.

Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour

Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling, lively place that worth visiting

That is why, understanding the curiosity of foreign visitors toward Ho Chi Minh City, has designed this absolutely amazing full-day tour, allow you to not only discover and understand the charm of the city but also see a very rare and peaceful aspect of it, which is the magnificent sunset. And here, with, you will have the most memorable time of your life.

What comes with the full-day Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour?

The amazing full-day Ho Chi Minh City sunset tour get away from other busy spots of the city also the business to enjoy your real life by watching the magical sunset and the charming Saigon River in the late evening by luxury speedboat. Furthermore, you will have the chance to explore beautiful landscapes, enjoy the fresh air and understand the daily life of local citizens living along the river banks.

Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour

The boat which takes you on the amazing trip on Saigon River

When the sun goes down, the city will be lighted up with lights from the city, showing you a totally different face of crowded Saigon. It’s like you're going into a dream. If you are having a spare day in Ho Chi Minh City, why don’t you spend it on admiring the incredible beauty of the city and the nature with us? is a well-experienced travel company which has provided thousands of memorable and successful trip to foreign families. With our professional, you won’t have to worry about anything. The trip to discover the sunset of Ho Chi Minh City gives you beverages and other meals are not mentioned in the program as well as the travel insurance that you need.

Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour

You will have everything you need on this Ho Chi Minh City cruise tour

The tour also includes visa fees to Vietnam, early check-in and late check-out at all hotels, some personal expenses such as laundry, telephone, shopping, etc. You even don’t have to worry about tipping, single supplement, and any additional expenses caused by reasons beyond our control such as natural calamities (typhoon, floods), flight delays, rescheduling or cancellations, any accidents, medical evacuations, riots, strikes etc.

How will your day with Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour?

Beginning from 05:00 PM, you shall depart from Tan Cang pier, located at A100 Ung Van Khiem, Binh Thanh dist, under Saigon bridge, and start to take a look at the most important functional bridges in Ho Chi Minh City, the Saigon bridge, which is the main gateway to areas in bustling Ho Chi Minh City, and Thu Thiem bridge. From there you cruise through Vietnam’s leading urban complexes which are Vinhomes Central Park and Vinhomes Golden River You shall notice the most modern, professional and biggest container terminal operator in Vietnam - Saigon New Port.

Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour

Customers of having a romantic moment on Saigon River

Then, the tour takes you along Dong Tay Boulevard – one of the most modern and longest boulevards in Ho Chi Minh City and in Viet Nam as well. You shall circle around the island, witnessing a very traditional living of Vietnamese along the river, learning how fishermen survive their floating life, feeling the depth of yourself in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere… You also go through extremely fancy riverside villas (The Deck or Thao Dien Village).

Your journey lasts until approximately 07:00 PM when you come back to the city and finish the interesting trip after 2 hours. That the end of your Ho Chi Minh City full day sunset cruise tour!

Ho Chi Minh City sunset cruise tour

Don't miss this chance to watch the stunning sunset of Ho Chi Minh City

Begin discovering sunset of Ho Chi Minh City on this full-day tour

The sunset in Ho Chi Minh City is really beautiful and worth seeing, so don’t miss this golden chance to have the most romantic and memorable memory of your life. is more than honored to accompany you in your lovely day at Saigon. We wish you the best day and hope to see you soon.