Cai Be Floating Market – Significant Charm Of Mekong Delta

Cai Be Floating Market not only brings many cultural features of the Mekong River, but it is also an attractive tourist destination. Visit Cai Be floating market the next time and you will not disappointed with the beauty here.

The Cai Be floating market is the place where three provinces of Tien Giang, Ben Tre and Vinh Long are adjacent. It is one of the three biggest wholesale markets in the Southwest region, with Cai Rang and Nga Bay floating markets, so Cai Be floating market is always crowded with tourists from all over the world.

The Cai Be floating market usually starts early. From about 3 to 4 am, you can see boats everywhere, flocking and sailing, making a busy and crowded view. And until the sun appears from about 5 to 6 am, this is also the time when the market is busy and bustling. This is an appropriate time for visitors to visit and explore the floating market.

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The bustling view of Cai Be floating market

Visitors will have the opportunity to see trading activities on the river, learn about the lives of people in the Southwest region. You can float on the water, watching the cloudy sky and people busy trading around, this is when visitors can enjoy the wonderful relaxing moments.

Cai Be floating market usually dismisses at 08:00 PM, and activities at the market now also began to be sparse. If you prefer quiet and peaceful, you should visit the floating market in the afternoon, about 04:00 PM, when the sun is less sunny.

Coming to Cai Be floating market at this time, visitors have the opportunity to watch the sunset on the river. Sunset is also the time when the floating market begins to light up, bringing a little poetic and sentimental feeling.

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The market usually crowded in the morning and quite down on afternoon

Visitors can go to the Cai Be floating market by different means of transport, such as motorbikes, private cars, etc. Traveling to Cai Be floating market by motorbike will be a new experience, giving visitors many unforgettable memories. If you don’t want to travel on your own, join a tour from is the most simple way.

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The floating market in Tien Giang province is where boats of locals come to trade goods. This place still retains the cultural characteristics of the Mekong Delta region market. The thing that makes this market outstanding from others is the transfer station of fruits and produce to every region. Each boat hung their products on the pole so that buyers can easily identify it and not have to offer it.

To be able to visit a round of this floating market, you can rent a boat to Cai Be floating market with about 10 to 15 seats, with the price range from 500.000 to 800.000 VND. If you want to have a more interesting experience in Mekong Delta, you can rent a Western traditional boat which is cheaper, from 150.000 to 200.000 VND for 3 - 5 people seat. If you need to buy a package ticket to be able to visit the floating market, traditional villages, fruit orchards and folk songs, etc, there will be another price.

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Visitors can hire boats to travel around the market

So what can you buy at Cai Be floating market? The specialties in Cai Be range from fruits to poultry, seafood, even household appliances, fabrics, very diverse and various. If you want to buy something as a gift, you can choose specialty fruits such as tangerine sugar, crockery orange, CoCo grapefruit pomelo, plum, guava, guava, mango sand, etc.

Besides that, there are many specialties such as coconut candy, coconut soap, handicraft products made from coconut, water hyacinth, squint or banana shack. After the journey to Cai Be floating market - Tien Giang, don’t forget to buy specialties here as gifts for relatives and friends.

Nowadays, due to the needs of the people, Cai Be floating market in Tien Giang not only sells fruits or agricultural products, but also fresh dishes. The small boats weave between the fruit boats, mainly selling drinks, breakfast such as banh uot, noodles, porridge, soup cake, rice noodles, coffee, etc. Visitors come to go will have the opportunity to experience moments of relaxation between the four sides of the river, sip a cup of coffee.

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Many products are sold in the market

Cai Be Floating Market is one of the attractive Tien Giang tourist destinations visited by many domestic and international tourists. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Tien Giang, Mekong Delta, do not miss the opportunity to experience interesting things in this countryside. does offer various amazing travel tours to explore Mekong Delta, and some of them include the wonderful Cai Be floating market. Stop by the market at least once and you will be impressed by the lovely culture and custom of the Vietnamese people here.

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Cai Be floating market sells fresh dishes as well is ready to serve you in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Contact us right away to have one of the best trips in your life.