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The Australian base, also known as Long Tan nowadays, has been an unspoiled yet amazing tourist destination for foreign visitors who have a major interest in Vietnamese history. In this luxurious full-day tour to Long Tan from, you will have the best and most memorable day of your life.

The Long Tan – Australian Base of Vietnam

The Long Tan Cross Memorial Area marks the Long Tan War of Vietnam on  August 18, 1966, in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, about 110 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City. Previously this historical relic was located at Dong Nai Museum. But in 2017, the Long Tan Cross was moved to the War Museum in Canberra as a gift from Vietnam.

Long Tan full day tour

The Long Tan Cross has become a famous tourist destination

The battle of Long Tan is possibly the most famous battle of Australian troops during the Vietnam War. This crash occurred on August 18 and 19, 1966 in a rubber forest near Long Tan commune, south of Vung Tau Vietnam. This was the only time during the entire Australian Army unilateral confrontation with the Liberation Army of South Vietnam, in which the Australian Army used firepower and was supported by tanks and aircraft which made the Vietnamese army suffered a lot of damage.

This simple yet full of historical value will be a remarkable milestone in your journey to Vietnam. So keep reading, and don’t miss this awesome full-day tour that is gladly providing you.

Long Tan full day tour

An old image of the Long Tan Cross

Full-day Long Tan tour introduction

This full-day trip to Long Tan, or the Australian base, is specially designed for those interested in the American, Australian and Kiwi veterans during the Vietnam war. Although extensively documented by the survivors of Australian’s heavily engagement of the war, little is known of the Viet Cong’s actions. Therefore, always try to find some of the local Vietnamese veterans who fought in the remarkable of Long Tan.

From this lovely trip from, you have a chance to visit former battlefields such as Long Tan Cross, Nui Dat SS Hill and Long Phuoc tunnels. Every customer that have chosen find that bringing the former protagonists together with a good interpreter and plenty of rice wine is unforgettable for both sides.

Long Tan full day tour

The customers of visiting Long Tan

The full-day tour shall give you chance to explore the pay respect at the Long Tan Cross Memorial and Nui Dat SS Hil, as well as learn about ANZAC's role in the Vietnamese conflict and view the former site of Horseshoe FSB. You can also visit famed ANZAC battle sites in Vietnam and have a sight-seeing at Vung Tau too.

What does the full-day Long Tan tour give?

The full-day Australian base comes with some great and convenient facilities. You will ave air-con car for hotel pickup and drop-off, meals as mentioned in the itineraries including lunch with Vietnamese food and Asian food and all entrance fees during the trip.

You will be accompanied by a professional and well-experienced English-speaking guide with professional manner and knowledge about history, as well as cool-towels and mineral water.

Long Tan full day tour

You will have convenient services with the Long Tan full-day tour

Your itinerary in Long Tan for a full day’s tour guide of the Long Tan (Australian Base) Nowadays Private Tour will pick up at your hotel at 8:00 AM and start the trip. From there, you enjoy the beauty of white sand dunes and the sound of the waves lapping against the oars on the road. We will stop at Vung Tau to visit an orphanage and pick up your travel permit to the sites. Then we will be on road to Long Tan.

Long Tan full day tour

The beginning of the Long Tan full-day tour

There you have the chance to visit the Long Tan Memorial Cross (LTC), which is located in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province approximately 110 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City, marks the site of the Battle of Long Tan, which took place on 18 August 1966, was Australia's single most costly engagement of the Vietnam War, with the loss of 18 Australian soldiers. Then you continue on with the exploration of the Long Phuoc Tunnels. The village of Long Phuoc had an extensive system of tunnels which linked the village to the jungle areas to its northeast. Like other tunnels systems found in Vietnam, they included meeting areas, first aid stations, and fighting pits. American units clearing the area for the establishment of the Australian base sustained heavy casualties when they entered the village and came under fire from the tunnel system's fighting pits.

Long Tan full day tour

You will have the chance to explore many interesting places in Vietnam

You also enjoy the trip to Nui Dat SS Hill. In 1966, when the area was part of the then Phuoc Tuy Province it was the location of a prominent Australian military base in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The site was chosen by Lieutenant General John Wilton in 1966 and was built mainly by men from the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

Last but not least, you visit Ming Dam, the place that used to be “The Secret Zone” in the past. Then you and the crew lunch before returning to Ho Chi Minh City with a drop off at the hotel at around 04:30 PM (depending on traffic) and finish the unforgettable trip!

Long Tan full day tour

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