Delicious Dishes Can Only Be Found In Mekong Delta

Each region has its own specialties and cuisine. If you have the opportunity to visit the famous Mekong Delta, you should not miss the opportunity to travel on the Mekong River to explore many simple but quite exotic dishes here. The Mekong Delta has many very special dishes, which are hard to forget. You can’t find food like that in any other place in the world.

Noodles soup in Sa Dec, Mekong Delta

Located in Dong Thap province, Sa Dec is famous for its unique cuisine, reflecting the outstanding and wonderful culture and traditions of the Southern region in Vietnam. A trip to Sa Dec is incomplete if you do not enjoy the noodles with the ingredients of beef with delicious spices. This is a dish that you will absolutely love.

The broth of the noodle soup is usually made with pork bones, and it requires such hard work and excellent skill to make a sweet, fragrant and delicious broth for this dish. The broth is an important part that directly determines the deliciousness of the dish. The cook must cook at a moderate temperature and continually remove the foam on the pot of broth, preventing the broth from getting opaque.

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The delicious noodle soup in Sa Dec

What makes the dish more unique and appetizing are the key ingredients including sliced lean meats, ground lean meats, herbs, etc. Then it will be garnished with onions, coriander and chili. Don’t forget to taste this famous noodles soup when coming to Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Barbecue rolls in Cai Rang, Mekong Delta

Cai Rang has received great prizes not only for Cai Rang Floating Market but also for its outstanding culinary specialties. And one of the most famous foods you should not miss is grilled meat, or also known as spring rolls. The ingredients for a delicious dish of spring rolls include vegetables, green bananas, pineapples, cucumbers and barbecue. The simple yet wonderful taste of the dish shall impress you.

Here is how to properly enjoy barbecue rolls. You use half of the rice paper, take some of your favorite fragrant raw vegetables (for example, a few slices of cucumber, green banana, and pineapple), put a "roast steak" or simmer, roll the paper and dip it into a bowl of soy sauce thick and then enjoy.

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Delicious barbecue with vegetables and sauce

Of course, the soy sauce must be moderately sweet and a bit salty. Tourists can also sprinkle with fresh peppers and peanuts to enjoy the dish more deliciously. Once you try this dish, you will find it difficult to forget the special and seductive taste of the barbecue dipped in this fascinating sauce.

Nau man in Tien Giang, Mekong Delta

Another famous dish of Tien Giang, Mekong Delta is “nau man”. The dish has a strange name with stunning flavors and colors that hold the wild and generous characteristics of Tien Giang. Not really sour soup, but also not the dry salty taste of braised fish, nau man has an impressive sweet aroma.

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The delicious dish called "nau man" of Tien Giang

Nau man is made from the clean white fish, no scabbing, marinated with salt and pepper and the sour taste of vinegar or tomatoes. The dish brings the sweetness of the fish, the fish meat is really soft and fragrant. The dish is often eaten with rice and many kinds of wild vegetables, creating an unforgettable flavor.

Linh fish, Mekong Delta

This is the food that simply called “linh fish” because every dish made from this type of fish can be called a specialty of the Mekong Delta. Only in this river area, each year in the Lunar New Year, linh fish start to come back to Mekong Delta and live there. Many rustic and charming dishes are associated with this special type of fish such as tamarind grouper, sour soup, hotpot sauce, braised fish sauce… You can find this dish in almost every corner of Mekong Delta, considering this is one of the most famous food here.

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The linh fish in Mekong Delta

Lilt stewed with soy sauce

The water lily is a familiar vegetable in many dishes of people in the Mekong Delta. Often grows in low-lying areas, muddy water, in the big flooding season, water lilies also follow the water and float everywhere. Fig fish sauce can be cooked from many popular seasonal fishes that have been boned, mixed with lemongrass, teak, mussels and fig leaves. The crunchy taste of the water lily along with the rich sweetness of the fish sauce is an integral part of the life of the people of Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

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Water lily - a famous dish of Mekong Delta

Beek cake in An Giang, Mekong Delta

The beefcake is the favorite cake of Vietnamese people and it is also a famous specialty in An Giang province, Mekong Delta. Tools used to prepare this type of cake to include cake mold, steamer and stove. Raw materials for making cakes include rice flour, jaggery flour, wine and rice mixed with fresh coconut water and coconut milk. The most common types of beef cakes are made of white or yellow sugar. Beek cake of An Giang has a sweet and rich flavor, which makes many foreign tourists enjoy.

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The sweet beefcake in An Giang

The process of making beek cake including many sophisticated stages. To cook the dish deliciously, the cook must be familiar with the ingredients and know the recipe to produce an appetizing and eye-catching cake. In particular, many people like to eat beek cake with coconut milk as well.

If you ever have the chance to set foot on Mekong Delta, don’t forget to try these delicious dishes of Southern Vietnam. Contatc for more amazing Mekong Delta tour and you will not regret it.